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Leadership Message



Thank you for assisting me in perpetuating the memory of my late husband, internationally known artist Oscar Thomas. The Foundation encourages individuals to tap into the masterpiece that lies within.


Through dedication, commitment, teamwork, and strong partnerships, we are able to provide opportunities for youth to empower themselves and improve the quality of their lives.


The Oscar Thomas Foundation is run by a team of professionals and volunteers, dedicated to furthering the vision of the organization. In the spirit of Oscar and his favorite subject,  Dr. Martin Luther King, the Foundation strives to demonstrate love, justice, democracy, hope and the dream for all people to walk together in peace and harmony.

Mrs. N.Thomas


My wife Eursla and I didn’t discover Oscar Thomas. God had already given him that incredible talent when our paths crossed. We adopted Oscar and loved him as our son. We nurtured him, sponsored his career and sold his art in our store, Afro-In Books & Things.


I’m so appreciative for what the Foundation has done to preserve the memory of our son. I am honored to have a scholarship dedicated to me and my wife.


After Oscar’s death, Nanci didn’t just sit around and grieve. She founded the Oscar Thomas Foundation. I am so proud to be apart of what I consider to be the official, living memorial of my son’s legacy.

Dr. E.A.Wells

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