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Celebrating Our Differences


Mural Project

In memory of artist Oscar Thomas and his legacy of larger than life commercial works, a tapestry of artists unite. Using the power of art, education and  community walls, together they create masterpieces. Their bright, vivid murals demonstrate the value of diversity, awareness, tolerance, respect and encouragement to Celebrate Our Differences.  














Celebrating Our Differences Unity Day

Celebrating Our Differences Unity Day is a full-day program for high school students. Activities and workshops promote racial harmony and inclusion while teaching tolerance and respect for other cultures. In the words of Audre Lorde, students explore how to "recognize, accept and celebrate our difference."

KOD14About Oscar.jpg
We all Deserve to Heal.jpg

"We all Deserve to Heal"
by Artist Lori Pratico

"The beauty of the world lies
in the diversity of its people."

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