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"The Official, Living Memorial of Artist Oscar Thomas"

The Oscar Thomas Foundation was created in 1997, as a vehicle to perpetuate the memory of artist Oscar Thomas, his achievements and to carry on his dream of a better life for others through the power of art, education, health and service.

An iconic billboard, mural, and portrait artist, Oscar Thomas died of diabetic complications at age 41 in 1997. Internationally known for years of breathtaking commercial works, he greatly admired the teachings of Dr. King. Inspired to serve beyond art, Thomas, has been described as “the country’s leading artist of Dr. King” by NBC News.

Tap into the masterpiece that lies within. Visit our About Us section to learn about our organization, click on Programs to find out what we do, check out our Calendar for upcoming events, click on Health to explore the medical cause we support, stop at Contact Us to share your thoughts and interests.


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